Let me start this post with saying, I am not a religious person.

I grew up in a Catholic family but as I got older, the desire to follow the faith kind of fell away from me and I no longer consider myself belonging to a certain religion. I think that it made my trip to Jerusalem even more interesting. I opened my eyes to see how this place holds importance to the Jewish, the Christians and the Muslims. This place is biblical and important to so many people, it was a crazy feeling stepping foot on these sacred grounds.

We took a tour bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Our tour guide was an older Israeli lady who used to be a professor, so let me tell you she knew alllllll the things. We had to get on the bus pretty early in the morning so her peppiness and the nausea I got from being on a bus on bumpy roads was an interesting start to my day.

It’s kind of hard to give you details through words when talking about my trip to Jerusalem because I’m pretty sure I only uttered maybe ten words my entire time there (and by ten words I mean, “woah” ten times.) My whole day was spent observing and looking at things that left me in historical shock.

So, instead of boring you with my words, I will grant with you the visuals instead.



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