Masada & Ein Gedi

The treacherous hike.

Built around 30 freakin BC, Masada is a fortress in the Judean Desert. The ancient fortress is located on top of the plateau, but to get to the plateau you either take a cable car, or do like we did and get up at 4 am to catch the bus and climb to the top before the sun comes up. Because when the sun comes up – it is way too hot to make it up.

Thats right. We hiked up a mountain before six a.m. 

It is known to take ninety minutes to get up to the top and I’d say that sounds right. I was nauseous again from the bumpy bus ride we took to get there so this trek was pretty conquering for me. However, once we got to the top, it was all worth it.

Since we got there at sunrise we had the best view in all of Israel. The fortress was ancient and even had some paint left from the original walls. It’s hard to believe people lived up there, sans cable car. But after that treacherous hike up there, I’d say it does a good job in keeping enemies away.

Ein Gedi

After we all descended down from the fortress, the bus was ready to keep going. We went to Ein Gedi which is a nature reserve in Israel. It reminded me of Zion National Park in the US.

Since we all were so tired from our morning hike, we didn’t do anything too strenuous here. We took a walk through the paths and found some refreshing waterfalls. We even got to see some animals in the trees.



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