The Dead Sea

The sea was dead and we were salty.

This was the COOLEST and WEIRDEST thing I have ever encountered. I have always struggled with letting myself float in water but in the Dead Sea, I got to put those worries aside. The Dead Sea is so highly concentrated with salt that anyone and I mean anyone can float. It was so much fun twirling around on top of the water. Belly up or belly down, the Dead Sea lets you do it all. I even went to the shallowest part by the shore and I was still floating! Since the concentration of salt is so high in the Dead Sea, no living organism can thrive and live there, so this was a fish-free and plant-free swim. No life is what gave it its name.


The Dead Sea mud is known to have health benefits because of all the minerals, so a common thing to do there is cover yourself in it…and we did. They have a bunch of showers there for you to rinse off the mud and the salt. But unfortunately, the water coming out of the spout was so freakin cold that I barely got to rinse my hair and my bathing suit.

When we arrived back home to Tel Aviv, I woke up from the bus ride with crusty, sticky, salty hair and salt stains all over my bathing suit and dress. Oops!





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