Ireland All Over

Stop number two on Olympic Break – Ireland!

We flew from Amsterdam to Dublin and from the Dublin Airport, we rented a car and started driving to Galway. For those that aren’t sure what that means, it meant that we hopped in a car with the driver being on the right side and had to drive on the left side of the road from the very east coast of Ireland to the very west coast. Getting out of the Dublin Airport and the several roundabouts after alone put our tired brains in a knot.

Goin’ to find a Galway Girl

Once we made it to the highway…on the left side…we felt a little better because it was only a straight drive from there. We arrived at our creepy airbnb in Galway around ten at night. I say creepy because it was essentially a hotel in a creepy house form and the host whispered to us the whole time so “we didn’t wake up the other guests” and said “good night” as she shut us into our bedroom. “Wait, are we allowed to leave?” “Lets get the f@#* out here ASAP” “I feel like I’m sneaking out of my parents house!” “Don’t slam the door!

I don’t blame Ireland for that airbnb lady though because she wasn’t even Irish. Since that was our first human encounter in Ireland we had to go wash it away with some music and beer. We walked to the main street and went inside a pub. It was pretty empty, maybe because it was a random weeknight but there was live Irish music. I had a giant cider and Chris had a Guinness while we listened to them sing the Irish classics.

Since all we really wanted was a night in Galway thanks to Ed Sheeran, we were headed out the next day. Luckily we didn’t see the airbnb host on our way out but there was a girl eating a bowl of cereal in her pajamas reading the paper like she lived there. Goodbye Galway!

Goin’ to the Cliffs

The Cliffs of Moher had been on mine and Chris’ to-do list for a while so, from Galway we stopped here. I just want to say, us deciding to drive our way through Ireland instead of taking a bus tour was the best decision we could’ve ever made. We rocked to Irish music all the way through the green hills and windy country roads. It truly was one of my favorite days of this whole trip.

The cliffs were SCARY. If you’ve ever been, you know the feeling. If you’ve ever been on the Disney’s Tower of Terror, you know the feeling. If you’ve ever looked down from a tall building you know what I’m talking about. Except this was terrifying in that there was nothing holding you back from falling, it’s super windy and between the rocks and waves down in the ocean it is deathly. Super pretty though! What a wonder.

Goin’ to kiss me a Blarney Stone

Our next stop this day was to Blarney Castle. It is very beautiful here and the castle was really cool to walk through. They tell you what rooms were what and it felt very Game of Thrones-y. The top of the castle is where the infamous Blarney Stone is. We were lucky to be there on such a random day in February because there was no line at all to kiss the stone. There was construction up there but we were still able to get our lucky kiss – except I don’t consider it lucky because I got a fuzzy throat after that day.

Ok, lets get our Guinness on in Dublin

We finally arrived to our hostel that night in Dublin. We went to a pub with live music and stayed for a few more ciders and called it a night. We were so tired from the days activities!

The next day we got up and went on our Guinness Storehouse tour. It was a fun experience – the museum replicates a Guiness glass, each level containing different things. Starting with the ingredients that go into a Guinness, the people involved in it, Guinness advertising through the decades and at the top is where you get to pour your own Guinness. They teach you the real way to pour it and you can take your glass up to the observation deck.

A lot of the other time spent here was walking around, eating, drinking and going back to this amazing grocery store across from our hostel. It reminded us of a Whole Foods back home so we went in there for snacks we could never find in Germany.

Chris suggested gong to Kilmainham Gaol – a former prison. Many Irish revolutionaries were jailed here and many just trying to get by during the famine were jailed here as well. At one point there were more prisoners than there were cells so people had to sleep in the hallway. This was a cool detour from the drinking fun we had been having and a very interesting part of Irish history.

Our last night was fun because we found a pub that had an old Irish band playing. We posted up there and listened to them play our favorites – Galway Girl (Steve Earl version), Whiskey In The Jar, Drunken Sailor and ones that reminded me of Jack Dawsons third-class party tunes.

Ireland was beautiful and the people were so lovely. We will forever love Irish music and the spirit of the Irish because of this trip. Also, if you want to have a good time while drinking beer with your friends, try to master this song!




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