London & Harry Potter Studio

Last leg of our nine day Olympic Break excursion – London!

Chris had bought me tickets to see the Lion King in London for my birthday back in January so it was one of the first things we decided on for this trip. It would be my second time going here so I was excited to hopefully show Chris around – if only he ever trusted me with directions.

We got to London late at night so we were so tired and hungry when we checked into our hostel. We decided to stay in a six person hostel here because one, it was so frickin cheap and two, I needed Chris to see what it was like. But let me say, I have had two bad hostel situations and London takes the cake for those two times.

Both were the same problem – stinky men. When Meredith & I went to London during study abroad, we stayed in a room with like eight other beds and every god damn one got filled with stinky men. Well, this night, our hostel was completely booked up so we couldn’t upgrade ourselves to a private room like Chris was planning. We walked in and the room reeked and one of the guys had his laundry laying out on one of our empty beds!

We ran out of there, shed a few tears, shared a few laughs and got Subway – one advantage to being back in the land of English food! So we took a deep breath and stayed in that room for a night, sharing the same bed because we were both so terrified of everything from the underwear hanging up to dry by the window, to the smell of un-showered men. Luckily the next night we were able to upgrade to a private room. I specifically remember that night laying in bed saying “I’m going to be laughing at this so hard tomorrow when were out of here” and we sure as hell did.

London is special in it’s own crazy way. Since I had already seen many tourist spots before, I was able to narrow down what we should do in that short time frame. Me and Chris knew we’d most likely be back here because it’s only a ten euro flight from Bremen!

So the first thing you think of when you think of London is Big Ben, right? Well unfortunately for Chris, Big Ben was completely covered in scaffolding. We were walking down Westminster Bridge and I said, I could of sworn Big Ben was right here….

Well, Big Ben was right there, but completely unrecognizable. We read that it might be under renovation for a few years. Sorry London travelers!

We did all the things – first thing being going to Chipotle. We saw the changing of the guards, went to see the Lion King which was just as good as five-year-old Chris and Kirsten remembered, did a red bus tour, oh, and went to the frickin HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR! That was one of the best days of my life. Growing up with Harry Potter naturally makes us Harry Potter nerds. It was so cool being on the actual set where the cast practically grew up and seeing all the real props, clothes, wigs, HOGWARTS and monster costumes.

London, we will probably see you again (mostly because my mom was jealous of the Harry Potter Studio tour, so I think I have to take her now)




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