My Ancestry

This is mostly a for-my-records blog post, but it kind of ties in to why I do what I do.

Last month I sent in my saliva to have my ancestry DNA examined by I actually was surprised with my results!

Well I should say I’m only surprised at half of the results. Everyone who knows my moms family knows were Polish. Were so Polish that you would think we were all born in the motherland with all the pride carry from it. Our family reunion count is up in the three-hundreds and almost everyone is wearing a red and white Polish t-shirt. My grandma’s pierogis were the best part of Christmas Eve. Since she passed in 2013, her sister, my great-aunt has really helped our family out by providing us with her pierogis for Christmases now and a couple years ago she taught me and my cousins how to make them – secret family recipe.

So when I saw that I was 49.4% Polish, I was not surprised.

The complex part of me comes from my dads side. With the last name Eggleston, I just assumed we came from British decent but I actually found out theres more to me than meets the name.

French & German?! I guess me living with Chris in Germany has a deeper meaning after all – how do I go about finding relatives? Also, now that I am more familiar with the country I am really interested to see where they are from.

And I guess I need to really study up on what it means to be Balkan. And Ashkenazi Jewish?

Doing this was fun and interesting – I am proud to have these beautiful countries in my blood & that the melting pot of America brought them all together.

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