You reek of Cologne

One random post-game party in January, Chris told me that he was getting an extra day off for the weekend. The only thing that went through my mind was – lets go somewhere.

We decided on Cologne. It is only a four-ish hour drive from Bremerhaven and we found an awesome airbnb that would allow Shadow. I was definitely in for a surprise with this city – I actually fell in love with it.

Cologne was a change of pace from Bremerhaven – it was way more westernized in it’s food and store choices but it still had that old German look to it.

We climbed the Cologne Cathedral to see the view of the city, walked across the extremely wide Rhine River on the Love Lock Bridge, took Shadow to a park where we got scolded for the very first time in Germany that dogs needed to be on leash and ate a huge German meal and participated in traditional drink this kölsche bier from this tiny little glass and we will mark how many you have drunk on your coaster.

Our last day we went to the Lindt Chocolate Museum. This is where they package all those Lindt chocolate bars and we got to watch them make hollow chocolate figurines. At the end we designed our own chocolate bar – I went for it with gummy bears and smarties and let me tell ya, it tasted better than Chris’ fruit and nut one.

Cologne stole my heart with its charm and I plan on returning!

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