Grand Tetons National Park

In September 2017 I went on a cross-country road trip with my mom’s brother, Alan and my grandpa. My grandpa is 84 years old and had a senior National Park life time pass that him and my grandma got years ago for about ten bucks. With his pass, we made it to seven national parks in a couple weeks time. We drove all the way from Buffalo to as west as Utah. Those two weeks will forever hold a special place in my heart. The memories I made with my uncle and grandpa, especially at my grandpas age, I will have forever. I got so much closer with the both of them and we saw some incredible things that mother nature has granted the U.S. This road trip opened to my eyes to the beauty my very own country holds and how important it is to protect these lands.

Stop number 3 – Grant Tetons. Located just south of Yellowstone, Grant Teton National Park is a gorgeous mountain range. The mountain peaks in the distance are so beautiful and the reflections in the lakes are even prettier. The peaks and valleys of this place are just stunning. I even found a homestead “Eggleston” here, so maybe I had relatives that settled here back in the 1800s!

We spent the night at a really nice hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Snake River Lodge & Spa. We needed this night of relaxation because we were so tired from Yellowstone. So, we didn’t explore as much of the Tetons as we would’ve liked, we did take a ski lift up to the top of one of the skiing hills and had drinks up there. What a view! Apparently Jackson Hole is really famous for its skiing come wintertime and the town becomes filled with visitors.


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