Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I have been coming to Hilton Head Island ever since I was a toddler. Every year for Easter Break, we would go with my moms side immediate family. While we usually go during the chillier months of March or April, depending on where Easter falls that year, we still enjoy every minute basking in the sun and hanging by the pool. Being a Buffalonian means going through harsh winters and not a lot of Vitamin D. Take us to the south, even at sixty degrees in the spring and we are in heaven!

As the years have passed, our crew has kind of dwindled, especially since the passing of my grandma in 2013. All the memories I have on this island are happy family memories of us doing our typical things – going to the same shops, getting the same ice cream, biking through Palmetto Dunes, the area we always stay in, smelling the honeysuckle, wearing t-shirts and shorts with extremely pale arms and legs, having family dinners every night, watching our mothers get drunk and dance all night, skimming the pool every twenty minutes because there were so many leaves blowing around, getting excited at any site of an alligator, going to Kroger and Piggly Wiggly – foreign grocery stores to us, seeing the lighthouse and all the statues and trees grandma used to make us pose by so she could take a picture…

This year I took Chris for the very first time. I had already taken Shadow for his first time in 2015 (the vacation he learned how to swim), so he was an old pro. It was cool having my fiancé come to the place I have been coming ever since I could remember and for him to see the things I grew up seeing. While he definitely thinks my family is nuts, I think he enjoyed himself. This was also his first time seeing Shadow swim in an inground pool so we spent a lot of time watching Shadow jump in, take a lap, climb out, jump in, take a lap, climb out, jump in, take a lap, climb out, jump in, take a lap, climb out.



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