Seeing Elton John in Germany

Chris and I have always loved going to concerts. The very first thing Chris gifted me were tickets to go see Dave Matthews Band. Since then, we have gone to so many concerts I don’t even know where to begin.

However, we are tactical every time we go to a concert because we only really go to them if they are one of our bucket list artists. We have singers and bands jotted down in our brains that if there ever is a chance to see them live near wherever we are, we go.

Sir Elton John has been on that list since the very beginning. When we found out he was performing in Hamburg, Germany – a quick two hour drive from Bremerhaven, we made it our mission.

Chris had to go to practice the next day so we didn’t stay overnight. We literally drove to Hamburg with no tickets and no place to stay.

Chris was texting a guy off German Craigslist for his Elton John tickets. You see, luckily for us, Elton was supposed to perform there back in July but he had to postpone the show – to this very day in December. 

While we were waiting to hear back from our ticket guy, we strolled through Hamburg’s Christmas Market and some of the city streets. Hamburg is really charming and pretty. I’d like to go back in autumn and see more of it.

We went out to eat, had a steak dinner and as soon as we finished, we heard back from the ticket guy. We met him outside one of the Christmas Markets – he gave us a super great deal because he was just trying to get any money for them.

So we were off! The concert was starting in about forty-five minutes but with the traffic on the way there, we were getting a little nervous. But, as all things end up whenever I’m with Chris, we walked in at the perfect time. Elton had just opened, I got a beer and we were singing along the rest of the night.

It was really neat going to a concert, especially Elton John’s concert in a foreign country. The Germans seem to love him and sang along to all the English songs. We had a dad sitting next to us who stood up with his adult daughter and had the cutest little dances to Crocodile Rock.

I see now that Elton John is doing one last tour and he is actually coming to my hometown of Buffalo. However, I won’t be in Buffalo when he’s there so I am even more thankful that we went and did this crazy-packed night in Hamburg.

Love you Elton!

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