Voyage Rapide à Montréal

We had an excuse to go to Montreal so we took it and ran.

Chris’ younger sister, Alexa, was competing in the Canadian Gymnastics Championships representing the lovely province of New Brunswick. We had been visiting his family in Moncton, NB for last few weeks and since the competition was being held in Montreal, a city we could hit on our way back to Buffalo from Moncton, we decided to go – with Shadow!

We booked an airbnb that allowed dogs and now that I’m thinking about it, this was Shadows first real city travel experience. He is such a good road tripper and usually sleeps the whole car ride. I think he actually would’ve preferred staying in the car than walking those crazy streets now that I start think about it. He’s not a city boy.

Anyway, while we didn’t do a whole lot in Montreal besides eat, it was a lovely little time. Old Montreal was very European and old-looking, I realized how bad my French is now and the drive back home to Buffalo was a pretty one, going through the Thousand Islands.


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