Prince Edward Island

Well, just Charlottetown, really

Every summer since Chris and I started dating, we take an extended trip to visit his parents and siblings in Moncton, New Brunswick. It is a sixteen hour drive from Buffalo, but one that we now know like the back of our hand. Every year that we come to Moncton we say “we should go to PEI for a day” considering we’re already so far up northeast, but never actually have until yesterday.

It is about an hour drive from Moncton to the Confederation Bridge – the bridge that connects New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. This bridge is eight miles long and completely over water the entire time (if you don’t like driving over bridges then this Island is not for you.) Once you finish the journey over the bridge, it is another forty-five minute drive to Charlottetown – the capital of PEI and one of the most historic towns in Canada. The Charlottetown Conference in 1864 created a union of all the British North American colonies to become what we now know as the lovely Canada.

We went to this island without a plan and decided to wing how our day went. When we arrived in Charlottetown I was in awe of the cute houses and the vastness of the Northumberland Strait. We drove through Victoria Park which was right along the sea – we drove because it was so cold! This island is not your typical island – we were in the Canadian maritimes and that water in mid-June was not waving off any heat.

After we drove through the park, took pictures of Beaconsfield Historic House (a prominent Victorian home) and found a parking spot, we headed towards Victoria Row, a pedestrian-only walking street with lots of restaurants.

We sat outside at the Row House where I got the infamous PEI chowder and beer battered fish while Chris stuck to his red meat steak sandwich because things from the sea scare him.

We walked around Charlottetown some more while getting a quick cold breeze every now and then when we were near the ocean, admired the beach houses and saw a crazy amount of jellyfish at the harbor where the boats were docked.

One of the top things to do while visiting PEI is to eat the worlds best ice cream at COWS, so we did. We went to its factory store just outside of Charlottetown and I can confirm that this was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had. It was so smooth and creamy without being gelato and there was even homemade toffee in the flavor I chose – Wowie Cowie. According to Tauck World Discovery, COWS is the number one best place for ice cream in the world – I have now had numbers 1, 2 & 6 on the World’s Best Ice Cream List thanks to my time in Italy and this short little trip to PEI. That means success in my books.

After Charlottetown we started to drive back towards the bridge but decided to stop in a little village called Victoria-by-the-Sea. We thought there would be more but we were satisfied enough to see a cute Canadian lighthouse and watch three crazy teenagers swimming in the freezing cold harbor.

We went down a private-ish area and parked the car right next to the red sandy beaches. Chris set up the cameras on the self-timers and we made our own photoshoot, making it a laughable and memorable ending to our fast trip in PEI.

Next time if we come back, I would love to come in the warmer months and check out the other side of the island to Cavendish and enjoy the beaches there. This quaint little island was charming and the views of the ocean were incredible.



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