Bremerhaven Round 2


Well, it’s officially been a month since Chris and I landed back down in Deutschland. When Chris signed his contract for two years last year we didn’t realize how awesome it would be to actually return to a city we got to know so well and fall in love with. Walking back into our apartment with all of our belongings still there and decor still up, it was the most comforting feeling in the world.

GERMANY feels like home?!

While we had a fun summer back home in Buffalo/Moncton/Wenatchee, Chris and I said to each other “I can’t wait to go back to Germany” at least once a day.

Last year coming to Bremerhaven was a wild experience. There were days of being homesick and days of frustration because of the language barriers, not knowing where to find certain groceries, missing out of holidays with the family back home and for me, the loneliness that comes when Chris has to go away on road trips. However, once I started looking at this place as home and not just a random place I need to get used to like I always did in the past, things started to change very quickly.

This year I feel like I have grown so much and have taken this life by the horns. It’s an awesome feeling knowing the rounds of the city and venturing into learning more German so we can know a little more when trying to communicate with others (Chris is actually doing really good with this). I am working from home to keep me busy during the day and contribute to providing for our family (haha), making sure Shadow gets his daily exercise (lucky for us there are SO MANY doggie friends in our apartment complex this year) and as always, cheer on my fiancé when the hockey season starts, always with a beer or wine in hand, missing most of the game because I’m talking with the girls too much  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Here’s to a new year!

*Fun Fact: Bremerhaven is a port city into Europe. Lots on importing/exporting goes on here (you should see the boats filled with brand new vehicles! Ok I’ll take a picture). Uncle Danny said him and a few of his brothers entered into Bremerhaven during their time in the service!*

Here are some pictures taken today at the Wochenmarkt & others taken over the past month. As you can see, Bremerhaven always has a grey overcast – the joy of living on the North Sea! Come winter it will be raining every day.



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