Groningen, Netherlands

Days off from work mean adventure – so that’s what I made my family do yesterday. We took advantage of being north-western European residents and visited our neighboring country of The Netherlands. Last year, teammates kept talking about how cool a city named Groningen was – essentially a mini Amsterdam. So, yesterday we took the Deutsch & Dutch country roads and took a road trip to Groningen!

The ride was only two hours but probably could be way shorter if most of the drive weren’t one-lane back roads and sharing those roads with semis! Parts of the drive looked like we were back in the States driving through South Dakota – farm animals (especially cows) we’re everywhere and the land was as flat as can be. However, the farm towns we passed through were cute and quaint and what I would picture land to be like in Holland anyway. We did see a few old fashioned wind mills from afar!

When we arrived in Groningen we immediately remembered how much the Dutch LOVE their bicycles. Bikers here run everyones show – pedestrians and cars are not safe! We luckily made it to a parking garage off of a super narrow road that really looked more like a sidewalk and avoided hitting any bikers. Shadow was going to be in one for the day!

When we visited Amsterdam last year we thought about un dog-unfriendly living there would be. It is soooo compact with narrow streets, cars, mopeds and bicycles that poor puppies would have no where to go besides underneath their owners feet! Luckily, Groningen wasn’t as crazy as Amsterdam but it still was a crazy city to navigate with a dog! But, as always, Shadow was a trooper and was so well behaved that anyone would’ve thought he was a resident himself. When we sat down to eat fries & ice cream he sat right beneath us and watched the crazies walk past.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures here because every corner we turned, there were more beautiful buildings up ahead! I love the tall narrow buildings, each with their own different facades. It is so charming and feels like you’re in a movie set walking along the street with them.

When we found the main canal of the city I felt like we were transported right back into Amsterdam and it made me so very happy. Chris and I loved Amsterdam so being able to go back to the awesome country on a short little drive was pretty frickin cool.

We will probably come back here around Christmas time to see how Holland does Kerstmis!


This is that city where pictures definitely speak louder than words.

One thought on “Groningen, Netherlands

  1. Thank you so much, wonderful info. Do you have a map of the back roads you travelled? I am retracing my fathers footsteps during the war and need a map of roads from Rheine to Groningen by bicycle. We will not be driving. I was born in Groningen and came to Australia in 1958. Hope you can help. Kind regards, Teresa


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