Seeing Kacey Musgraves in Germany

Bucket-list concert number two complete thanks to Hamburg, Germany!

Kacey Musgraves is my idol and favorite artist of all time. Chris and I have bonded over her music since we first started dating and her latest album, Golden Hour has spoken to me so clearly on so many levels. Her music is about living for the moments you’re in and to live life how you want to live it – not by someone else’s standards. It is about love on the realest of levels and it is about how sentimental the love for your family can be. Every song on her latest album has made me tear up at points. The timing of the release of these songs and what I am going through in my life are so parallel that I can’t help but get attached to them and play them on repeat over and over and over again.

She is vintage country glam, inspired by the glitter and color of old country artists, appreciates the King that is Elvis, isn’t scared to be open about burning one in her songs and captures the realness of love in her relatable songwriting.

Here’s to the album that I love so dearly;

  1. Slow Burn [I’m alright with a slow burn / Taking my time, let the world turn]
  2. Lonely Weekend [you were leavin’, goin’ out of town again / I should see what’s goin’ on, only got a couple friends]
  3.  Butterflies [Kiss full of color makes me wonder where you’ve always been]
  4. Oh, What a World [Oh, what a world / and then there is you]
  5. Mother [Wish we didn’t live, wish we didn’t live so far from each other]
  6. Love is a Wild Thing [Coming through the melody when the night bird sings]
  7. Happy & Sad [Happy and sad at the same time / You got me smiling with tears in my eyes]
  8. Velvet Elvis [I need a Graceland kind of man who’s always on my mind]
  9. Wonder Woman [Don’t you know I’m only human? / And if I let you down, I don’t mean to]
  10. High Horse [You’re classic in the wrong way / And we all know the end of the story]
  11. Golden Hour [You’ve set my world on fire / And I know, I know everything’s gonna be alright]
  12. Rainbow [‘Cause the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin’]


Back in July I saw that she would be playing in Hamburg – only an hour and a bit from where we live and I immediately booked tickets – luckily it wasn’t on a game day. It was such an intimate concert that made for the most premium concert experience I will probably ever have. It was located at an underground club [Mojo Club] in Hamburg and there were maybe 300 people there. Since we were probably the first fifty in line, we went right up to the second level and grabbed a spot front and center – no one in front of us and leveled up, so we could enjoy her presence and definitely be seen by her every time she looked up. Hallloo! Going to another concert in Germany was funny and pretty cool to see who were actually fans of hers. I think they love the idea of this glam country cowgirl who also has great songs being in their presence – a perfect glimpse into good ol’ American country music. She was so cute and interacted with her little crowd – reading people’s homemade “spacey kacey” shirts, asking them for German translations for words she was trying to explain, sharing Northern German made beers[Beck’s] with her band in between songs and made jokes about being in the red light area. Did I mention this club was located in the Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s red light district? It made for a fun walk back to our car! Haha. I feel like my life is now complete getting to see her have the spotlight and not be an opening act because that is what she has been doing recently – she deserves all the fandom in the world and this tour in Europe I’m sure is opening her eyes to that.

We can’t do it over
They say it’s now or never and all we’re ever gettin’ is older



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