Soccer Game in Bremen

Bremen, Germany is the biggest city closest to Bremerhaven so we find ourselves going here multiple times a month for the events, shopping, restaurants and scenery. Bremen is also home of the Werder – a soccer team in the Bundesliga, Germanys top-tier soccer league. Currently standing in fourth place, Werder Bremen is hot with their fans right now and last nights game was sold out!

Chris & his teammate Will are currently injured (a broken hand & a fractured foot!) and yesterday was Will’s birthday –  somehow we were gifted these tickets for some Sunday Night Fußball! It was a great time and cool to go to a different sporting event in Germany. I recognized some of the chants because they are the same as at the Fischtown games and others Chris and I tried to learn before we went. They ended up losing 6-2 which sounds like a crazy score for a soccer game, but at least we got to see lots of action.

We had so much fun and we all appreciated getting an opportunity to finally go to a real European soccer game! Especially one that was sold out…

The tram on the way back to the train station was packed and it felt like a good ol’ tailgate like they do in the States for American football. Go Bills!



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