Düsseldorf, Germany

On December 19th, Chris had an away game in Düsseldorf (/Doooooselldorf/) – so me and my parents decided that would be a good city to go see during their time here. We booked a train from Bremerhaven to Düsseldorf and back (only about 4 hours if no delays) so we didn’t have to drive. When we got there, my mom and I figured out the tram from our hotel to the ‘Old Town’ where all the Christmas Markets were, and we spent the afternoon taking in a new German city. We also had a late lunch of a few weiß (white) glühweins and kartoffelpuffer mit knoblauchsoße (potato pancakes with garlic sauce).

Düsseldorf was cool because it had all the amenities of a new and modern city, with all the shopping and restaurants you could ever need, but at the turn of a corner you found yourself on cobblestone streets with old German buildings and Christmas lights connected at the width of the street.

Between the two days spent there, we were able to hit up all of the markets in Düsseldorf and collect lots of mugs for my mom’s Christmas market collection!

Oh yeah, we went to watch Chris play hockey too 😉 My dad has a friend from Buffalo who’s daughter actually lives in Düsseldorf and are friends with a player on Düsseldorf’s team. So, they were awesome and met up with us & hooked us up with VIP access for food & drinks before and during the game which was pretty cool to do at my very first DEL away game. The rink was awesome and the fans were fun! It was actually a crazy game to go to – it ended up going into a million round shoot out and Bremerhaven won!





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