Hamburg Christmas Markets

Four years ago, I was studying abroad in Italy and went to my very first set of Christmas Markets in Vienna, Austria. Ever since that trip, my mother has been completely jealous, and her number one bucket list item was to go to the European Christmas Markets. This year, she finally is able to check it off her list! She says she came to Europe to finally come visit me, but I know that the Christmas Markets are the real reason 😉 Also not to mention, this is my parents very first trip EVER to Europe! Which is funny because I’ve literally lived on this continent for fifteen total months of my life.

They arrived in Bremerhaven on Saturday December 15th and we’ve been on the go ever since. Chris and I have lived here for over a year now, and not one single family member of ours has actually seen first hand how we live – our home, our grocery stores, our streets, our dog parks, our friends, our German, our hockey games (as a fan & player), our city — being Americanadians living in freakin’ Germany! The country that both Chris and I have grown to love. It’s been nice finally being able to share our experiences.

On Monday, Chris had the day off from the rink, so we took a trip to Hamburg to see their markets that were spread all throughout the city. Chris and I have only gone to Hamburg to see concerts and never have been able to enjoy an entire day there, so it was cool to see more of the city that we didn’t see before! We did see a couple of their Christmas Markets when we went to see Elton John there last December but that wasn’t even half of them! We went to eight Christmas Markets this time, varying from the classic wooden cottages to the Red Light District’s (Reeperbahn) risqué Christmas Market – one we haven’t seen any other place we’ve been!

Needless to say, I think my mom could have been satisfied going to all of Hamburg’s Markets alone, but of course that won’t be the case…we have lots more to do!



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