Bremen Christmas Market

The last Christmas Market we had to get to before they closed for the season.

Bremen is essentially mine & Chris’ second home while living in Bremerhaven. Located only thirty minutes away, Bremen has the stores and restaurants we look for in a big city but has the most jaw dropping historical German buildings too. The main plaza is one of my favorite spots to be in all of Europe.

We were able to find a break of time in our busy schedule with my parents here to dedicate Saturday night to go to Bremen for one of its last days of the season. Like northern Germany always proves, it was a rainy night, making us wish it was snow instead. But, we prevailed through the rain and took in one of Germany’s best underrated Christmas markets. Bremen’s city center is absolutely magical with the string lights and Christmas huts glowing on the historical (and some gold trimmed) buildings. There is no way you can leave here NOT in the Christmas spirit.

We also took them down Bremen’s famous Schnoor Street – narrow passages built back in the 1500s, now lined with cute local restaurants and shops in what used to be the poorest part of the city. Now it is a cool little secret that visitors come to, to bring them back in time.

A cool feature to Bremen’s Christmas market, that is different from the rest of the country, is the market along the water that is medieval themed – no electricity, workers are dressed in costume, harps are being played and fire burning candles light the way. My mom bought a piece of pottery that matches her set at home from a medieval craftsman 😉

Here we were able to get some German glowing stars for my moms mantle back home (and for my wedding), wooden ornaments for my moms friends and our favorite steak sandwich from the pirate ship in the medieval market. Needless to say, this place is one of my favorites and I feel very lucky to have it so close by!


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