Zürich, Switzerland

Since winter weather doesn’t come to the North Sea, we had to come to it.

Time is flying by this season and I can’t believe it is already Chris’ February break! I’ve been looking forward to this break since Christmas Day when Chris gifted me with an amazing trip to SWITZERLAND! And yes, it also counted for my 25th birthday gift this past January too. 😉

I’m a lucky gal that we are able to gift each other things like this and trust me, I am taking in every moment of being able to live in Europe. This life is too good.

This morning we hopped on a tiny plane from Bremen to Zürich and we’ve been floating along ever since! Our plan this week is to train our way through Switzerland so today was really only the beginning. We purchased a Swiss Travel Pass that is good for 8 days so we can hop on any form of transportation (train, bus, tram, boat?) because it is valid with the ticket. We are definitely taking advantage of this because we are being babies in the cold weather. 😏

The one thing I really wanted to do in Zürich was to take twenty-ish minute train ride up the mountain/plateau of Uetliberg because I found that there is a great view of the city – what we didn’t know was that this would be a very popular destination for the locals. Everybody we picked up along the way hopped on the train with their winter gear & little wooden sleds. Me and Chris were saying how lucky these kids are growing up here for some after school sledding in the most picturesque scenery. It was truly a magical little train ride and seeing snow stuck on the trees and piled up along the mountain was such a breath of fresh air. I know my Buffalo family is sick of the snow but I haven’t seen it living in Northern Germany the past two winters!

We ended our evening eating a to-die-for burger (We heard Zürich is in a burger renaissance and saving the cheese for the rest of the week) at Jack and Jo’s and have been laying in our hotel room because Chris stayed up all night to watch the Super Bowl & I had some work to catch up on. Off to our next destination tomorrow!




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