Zermatt, Switzerland

The final stop on our adventure through Switzerland.

From Interlaken, we trained about two hours to take us to Zermatt – Switzerland’s beloved mountain town known for it’s skiing, hiking and oh yeah, one of the worlds most famous mountains, the Matterhorn. AKA the Toblerone mountain. Lying right at the foot of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is surrounded by mountains and offers the most perfect view of the Matterhorn’s peak while walking down any street. There are so many little and big chalets stacked across town and a lot of the rich and famous are known to come here for its privacy and way of life. Unfortunately we never ran into Nicole Kidman who apparently loves skiing here (we joked about her living in one of the chalets up the mountain that us peasants could never get to).

Another interesting and unique thing about Zermatt is that they don’t allow any vehicles to drive through their town! When we got off the train, there were these small and boxy electric things that picked people up at the train station to take them up the mountain to their hotel. But for the most part, people walked everywhere they needed to go and I truly admired that part of Zermatt. We didn’t care that it was cold outside, we enjoyed the fresh (gas free) cold air and took in every moment of being surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Plus the town wasn’t even that big. Unlike the earlier parts of our trip, we were actually going to be staying in Zermatt for two nights in a row! Chris really got lucky and was able to book us a room these days because apparently all other accommodations had been booked when he went back to look for fun a couple weeks later.

Day 1.

Not going to lie, we were tired. We spent all week going up and down mountains and we needed a moment to catch our breath. As a birthday present, Chris told me he would give me a “spa” day in Zermatt – so that is exactly what we did and it was amazing. Except for the part where I forgot to pack a bathing suit for this trip because how could I look past packing all these sweaters – luckily I was able to find a suit in one of the sport stores in town. Nothing like having to buy a bathing suit in one of the most expensive places ever.

It was worth it though. After grabbing some homemade soup from a shop along the way, we walked our way up the mountain to get to the hotel where we would be using their resort area. The best part of it all? The hot tub located outside right next to a huge frozen waterfall! I’ve never done the cold snow into a hot tub thing before so to me, this was so cool. We got the hot tub to ourselves when we first got there so it was a nice way to relax and take in the scenery. Our legs finally were put to rest! When six o’clock rolled around, it was my time to go get a massage – I haven’t had one in three years and it felt sooooo good and much needed. When I was done, Chris and I hopped back in the hot tub one last time until we were hungry enough to hop out and get dinner.

When looking up restaurants to go to in this town, we couldn’t resist going to the one and only, Swiss Chalet. Our Canadian family knows how much we love that place so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t go to the real Swiss one. I am not kidding you when I say that was Chris and I’s most favorite meal. We got their winter special of schwein cordon bleu with fries and roasted veggies….we ate every single bite of our plate. And the whole bottle of wine we ordered with it. Oops. Our waiter refused to take our plate until everything was gone and now that we were chirped not once, but twice by our Swiss waiter (first one with our fondue waitress in Lucerne) we had to abide by the rules. 😏

We went home stuffed to the max and went to bed/I caught up on work, because we had one last adventurous day ahead.

Day 2.

Going to climb the Matterhorn! Just kidding, that is only left for the professionals. We were really going to sit our butts back down on a train to get us up to Gornergrat where we had one of the worlds “finest” panoramic view of the mountains and the Matterhorn in all of its glory.

You already know what we did next — sledding! While the place was loaded with skiers and snowboarders of course, there still was an extreme path for the sledders. So we rented our toboggan except this time, the glider part was smooth plastic so we went FLYING down this mountain and it was TERRIFYING! We were going so fast that I couldn’t even be a good sledder…my feet were down the whole time. But, we when we got to the bottom we felt such a rush that we wanted to do it again. So we bought another ticket to get us back up to the start of the sled trail and did it again. We weren’t any better the second time but it was still fun. 😂

After we put away the sleds we participated in some après-ski (sled) and drank some Heinekens while watching all the skiers go down one by one. It kind of felt like I was sitting on a beach in Mexico – the sun was directly hitting my face and the sound and feel of the snow could’ve been sand through my sunglasses. However, that feeling quickly went away when the sun started getting lower and the clouds started coming in.

We hopped on the train back down the mountain and when we got back to Zermatt, we just strolled around and stumbled upon an outdoor ice rink. We stood and watched the kids skating for a little bit and saw the sun starting to set over the Matterhorn, which made all the pretty chalet lights go on and it looked so darn pretty.

We loved our dinner so much the night before that we decided to just go back to Swiss Chalet for dinner this night too (even went as far to make a reservation). It was going to be a Friday in Zermatt so the restaurants were all going to be jammed packed, so luckily we were smart because within minutes of us being there the place was full! We decided that since it would be our last night in Switzerland, we would do one more fondue dinner. This time we stuck to just cheese fondue with the bread and potatoes and ordered a side of cured meats and a bottle of Swiss Chalet’s Pinot Noir. Yummmmm. We ate as much as we could once again, and our waitress once again chirped us. Me and Chris laughed because we have literally gotten chirped every single night until we finished our food in Switzerland. 😂

It was only eight o’ clock when we finished dinner and the night still felt so young! Everyone in town was out to eat so we decided to hit up our hotel’s sister resort to use their pool, hot tub and sauna. I needed to make use of the bathing suit I bought!

Needless to say, this trip was incredible and truly once in a life time. I would hope Chris and I can come back here some day but I know it won’t be in the near future. This is a special little town that I am so thankful I was able to see in my lifetime!

Thank you Christopher for planning the trip of my dreams. Thanks for giving up your “break” from hockey to not vacation, but travel with me. You are the best travel partner I could ever ask for and you keep my spaced out brain in line – even though one time you put us on the wrong bus. That’s my job. To all the laughs, inside jokes and experiences we’ve shared together on these trips – I love you. ❤️


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