Honeymoon in Mexico

The Monday following our wedding day, we jet set to our favorite getaway-lazy-relaxing vacation destination…an all-inclusive resort in Mexico! When searching for the best places to go for a honeymoon in Mexico, we saw lots of recommendations for a resort called Unico 20’87’. After loving all the pictures and finding out what was included, we used our credit card points and booked a suite for a week’s stay. Shortly after we booked it, we found out it won Bride’s Magazines 2019 Best Honeymoon Resort!

We had a treacherous start to our Monday morning, almost missing our flight out of Buffalo – long story short we were the last ones boarding our plane at 6 a.m. (our first test at marriage that ended up okay, especially considering how many flights we have run after in our lifetime so far) and if we didn’t make it on time, we would’ve lost lots of daytime sunshine in Mexico!

We spent the week waking up every morning, ordering way too much breakfast room services (Huevos Rancheros and Huevos Divorciados ironically enough), laying by the pool, playing pool basketball or floating beer pong, meeting tons of other couples who were also on their honeymoon, eating poolside lunch, ordering way too many frozen mojitos in our gifted ‘Ready to Rumble’ YETIS, eating at every restaurant on the resort (this resort actually had amazing chefs and food which is hard to come by at all-inclusives) and playing pool in the lobby that usually had live music and a full snazzy bar and then at the end of the night, ordering fresh churros to our room. We were

there during the 4th of July and they even put on a fireworks show and barbeque for all the Americans. Since I’m not one to just spend a whole week by the pool (well yes, I am, but I always get an adventure bug) we did a day trip to Tulum on that Wednesday – it was SO HOT outside we were dripping the whole time, but it was cool to see some Mayan ruins and get a little local culture in our trip. It’s where I bought a hand-sewn colorful moon tassel as my honeymoon souvenir.

It was a special week for us and looking back at these pictures, I want to be transported back to this exact time and this exact place. Even though we had been together for five years, we truly felt like honeymooners. I am so thankful that we decided to take a honeymoon right after the wedding – after the stress and chaos that led up to the wedding day, it was nice to just spend quality time together and actually feel MARRIED and to throw around ‘my husband’ and ‘my wife’ for the very first time! I did not want to leave Mexico at all by the end of the week but all good things must come to an end – it was time for us to face the real world and start our new, married life together.


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