Volksfest Stuttgart

There is no better way for team bonding to occur than by going to Oktoberfest together 😆

So, the Roosters and their wives/girlfriends took a bus down to Stuttgart to have a night of fun and to celebrate the German culture. Luckily, their culture consists of having fun while drinking good beer.

It was a fun bus ride down because everyone was excited about what was to come. We drank some pre-festival beers, played music and since we were all stuck in close quarters for several hours, we all really got to know each other and have fun, laughable and interesting conversations. By the time we got to the hostel that everyone was staying at, we were all antsy to get in our lederhosen and dirndls and be on our way. We had a table reservation at 5:30 so we had a little bit of time to walk around the festival and see what else there was going on since we would be in our tent for the rest of the night. 🍻

Oktoberfest is what you would imagine – liters of (REAL) beer, the steins are VERY heavy when full, frequent clinking of glasses for ‘prosts’, singing and dancing on the seats, eating the best rotisserie chicken and fries, laughing with your friends, laughing at your friends, and spending 10 euros to bring home a souvenir photo of your group. Everything closed strictly at 11 pm, and although I had no idea what time it even was, Chris and I left the tent a little bit before it closed to play a carnival game and ride a haunted house ride….no, this was not planned. The end of the ride consisted of a guy wearing a mask bumping on our heads (is that even allowed?!) and me screaming and him yelling back “alles gut, alles gut!” 😂

The next day we made our way back to Iserlohn but this time with a fun memory and experience that we all will remember and appreciate forever. Ich Liebe Deutschland! 🧡


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