Mount Rigi, Lucerne, Switzerland

Destination Two on our adventure through Switzerland. We took an hour train ride from Zürich to the Swiss city of Lucerne. We knew we’d be going up some mountains when we got there but as always, our last minute decisions made for the best kind of day. We realized, thanks to the information desk girl … More Mount Rigi, Lucerne, Switzerland


Zürich, Switzerland

Since winter weather doesn’t come to the North Sea, we had to come to it. Time is flying by this season and I can’t believe it is already Chris’ February break! I’ve been looking forward to this break since Christmas Day when Chris gifted me with an amazing trip to SWITZERLAND! And yes, it also … More Zürich, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Finally – my first trip to the capital city of Germany! Chris was playing Berlin the day after Christmas so me and my parents adventured the Deutsch Bahn (train) one last time during their visit, and we spent a couple days in Berlin! One of the better parts about traveling with parents is being able … More Berlin, Germany

Kraków, Poland

I finally went to the country I have based a lot of my life around. In my mom’s family, we pride ourselves on being Polish – we grew up eating Polish foods and taking on Polish traditions. My grandma an Urbanczyk and my grandpa a Pulinski, fifty percent of my blood is Polish. I’m not … More Kraków, Poland

Zakopane, Poland

When I think of Poland, I think of Polka music being played in the mountains. Thanks Grandpa! But really, it wouldn’t have felt like a true trip to Poland if we didn’t go see the Tatras Mountains. So, we hopped on a tour bus early in the morning and were off to the mountain town … More Zakopane, Poland

Groningen, Netherlands

Days off from work mean adventure – so that’s what I made my family do yesterday. We took advantage of being north-western European residents and visited our neighboring country of The Netherlands. Last year, teammates kept talking about how cool a city named Groningen was – essentially a mini Amsterdam. So, yesterday we took the … More Groningen, Netherlands