Strasbourg, France

When we booked our airbnb in Achern, we took a look at the map and realized how close we were to France, more importantly, Strasbourg! With only a half-hour car ride away, we decided to dedicate one day to exploring la français. France has always held a dear spot in my heart. French class was one of my favorites while in school and at sixteen I got my first glimpse of Europe by going to Paris. It felt even more special to me because the book I was finishing up was set in France during WWII and being able to put yourself in the country where a plot takes place makes it all come to life.

Another thing I absolutely love about France is that I can actually understand the signs and menus! Although it’s been a long time since I have taken French class, those years of hard studying haven’t completely left my brain. I’ve tried to learn three other languages since then and honestly, my brain could never grasp them as well as I did with French. So, I told Chris to stay away from canard on the dinner menu and had to remember to say bonjour and merci instead of my embedded hallo, dankeschön that I automatically say now.

Strasbourg was truly a beautiful city and a lot bigger than Chris and I thought it would be. Although the architecture is German-influenced, it felt so fancy to be somewhere that looked beautiful while also immersing in the French’s elegant way of life. While we were only just over the border, it still felt like we were in a totally different country (we are just way too used to Germany now) so it was a really refreshing day trip for us to take. We couldn’t help but feel like we were in the set of Beauty and the Beast and kept singing to this poor provincial town, good morning Belle! Marie, the baguettes! Hurry Up! Bonjour! Good day! How is your family? Bonjour! Good day! How is your wife? Ok I’m done.

Chris, as always, found us a family-owned restaurant to eat at – the local food here is called alsatian (the region of France, Alsace) and this cuisine is French with a German influence and most importantly, the home of Riesling. While I’m not a huge white wine kind of girl, I decided to have that with dinner instead of the usual red or beer because when in Strasbourg

The restaurant owner was a precious man who read/translated the entire menu to us (there were no actual menu cards, their menu was on the chalkboard hanging up) and we had a lovely evening in a cute restaurant with homemade food. This quick trip really made me miss France and now I have convinced Chris that we NEED to go to Paris (he never was interested but thanks to Modern Family’s latest episode he now is on board). A bientôt France!

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